Sportsworld (BBC, UK), “Breaking Barriers in India”


The Video

BBC Sportsworld travels to India to check out the first football tournament set up for women in India. We meet Bend it Like Beckham (Musical) and former Tottenham star Tanvie Hans, a local girl who gives us a unique insight into women’s sport in India.

Language Focus and Level

Unless your class has had a lot of practice with different accents, the Indian accents in this film could prove difficult for levels lower than Upper Intermediate. If you have students who are interested in global English and different accents, you could use the video with Intermediate students since the language is not in itself very complicated.

The worksheet below focuses on the often tricky grammar of will and going to to express the future. The video features much talk of the future of women’s sport in India providing great examples of how we use will and going to to make predictions with differing degrees of certainty.


thummb  Download the worksheet here: India


The video is available via the link below. Embedding restrictions mean you cannot watch directly on this page but it is freely available if you follow this link:

BBC News (UK), “Arsenal coaches children fleeing war in Iraq”


The Video

The BBC news team joins Arsenal Ladies and England star Alex Scott as she travels to Iraq to see the work being done by Arsenal Academy together with Save The Children helping children affected by war through football.

This is a feel-good news story but some content could prove difficult for those who have been affected by war or violence and is therefore not recommended if you do not know your class too well.

Level and Language Focus

The narration is generally slow and clear, but with a few more difficult conversational sections and some non-English speech which has been subtitled.

The video is perfect if you have to cover a unit on sport in your course book/syllabus but you have a section of your class who are less than enthused about the subject. The worksheet highlights all the relevant football vocabulary as well as some general vocabulary.


A work sheet can be found at the link below (right click, save as…)

thumb ws.JPGBBC News, Arsenal coaches children fleeing war in Iraq


You can watch the video via YouTube.