Jamie’s Dream School (Channel 4, UK), “Cherie Blair’s Guide to Prison”


The Video

This clip is taken from the documentary series, Jamie’s Dream School, in which celebrity chef Jamie Oliver enrols a group of struggling teenagers into a school in which all the lessons are taught by celebrity “specialists”, all of which are leaders in their field. Jamie has selected Human Rights lawyer and wife of ex-PM Tony Blair, Cherie, to open a debate on whether prisoners in the UK should have the right to vote.

Level and Language Focus

The video provides a range of different comprehension challenges. Cherie Blair, a professional speaker, is easy to understand, the pupils however prove a little more difficult. The worksheet below provides quite a good deal of transcript which could make the video more accessible to a good intermediate class. The video can also be used with upper intermediate and pre advanced classes.

The video is great for setting up a class debate. You could take the subject in the video or choose a different one. The grammar focus of the worksheet below is zero and first conditional in debates.

Since this debate is conducted in a high school with a group of teenagers, the video would work especially well in a young-learners class, but not exclusively.


worksheet thumb.JPG Download the free worksheet: Cherie Blair Human Rights Worksheet (right click, save as…)


You can watch the video on YouTube.



On Demand News (YouTube Channel), Nelson Mandela Tribute

mandela top

The Video

This is a six-minute tribute to Nelson Mandela from online news source ODN.

The clip gives a short narration of Mandela’s long journey from his first TV interview in 1961, his incarceration and through to his success as South African President. Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Desmond Tutu, Annie Lennox and Will Smith all provide fitting tributes.

Level and Language Focus

The narration in the video is fairly slow and easy to follow, the vocabulary a little more challenging. It would work well in an intermediate or upper intermediate class, and you could consider it for a good pre-intermediate class with a little more support.

The main language focus of the video is past simple and could provide a good introduction if you are reviewing past tenses. Using the worksheet below, you can practise vocabulary associated with characteristics and adjectives to describe personality.

A good follow on activity would be to have students prepare their own tribute to someone who has inspired them in order to give presentations in a future class.

A worksheet can be found here:
Nelson Mandela handout (Right Click, Save As…)


Watch the video over at YouTube.