Saturday Night Live (NBC, USA), “Trump Retweets”


The Video

Part of a collection of popular Trump skits, Alec Baldwin nails a flamboyant Trump who is constantly retweeting during an important security briefing.

The video is designed for an adult audience with very mild cursing. A political piece which presents the president in a ridiculous light, some may be offended but the video will certainly open up a fiery discussion!

Level and Language Focus

The speed with which Trump speaks is relatively slow and could be used for a good intermediate, upper intermediate and, being quite short, could be used to open advanced classes.

The grammar focus of the worksheet is constructions using just to talk about actions which happened very recently: “I just retweeted a great tweet!”. The worksheet looks at the use of past simple and present perfect with just.

There is a pronunciation section to the worksheet which focuses on the following phonemes:


There is vocabulary help available with the worksheet below and also the option of using subtitles via YouTube.

*The handout uses pronunciation based on Received Pronunciation, the accent of Standard English in the UK*


thumb Download the worksheet here: snl-trump-worksheet


Find the video on YouTube.

Inside Amy Schumer (Comedy Central) – Listen Alert

listen alert

The Clip

A short sketch (2:17) from the show Inside Amy Schumer. It features a spoof-advert for a telephone helpline set up for people who like to talk endlessly about their own lives. Unlike many of her sketches, this Amy Schumer snippet is 100% clean and inoffensive.

Level and Language Focus

There is plenty of language to be studied from the clip mainly centred around telling and listening to problems.

Some grammar ideas to come from this include should have and third conditionals (see worksheet below).


A specially designed worksheet featuring grammar and vocabulary activities based on the video is available here:

Inside Amy Schumer (Right click, Save Target As…)


The official Comedy Central clip can be viewed on YouTube.