Grammar Bonus: How…? Questions Number Quiz

Here is another fact-based quiz this time to practice How…? questions (How many…?, How much…?, How long…?, How far…? etc.).

The quiz not only tests How…? questions but also complicated numbers including six digit numbers and decimals.

You can use this quiz with intermediate and higher level students.

As this activity could potentially take a while (30-45 mins), it is a fun activity for the end of the week/a fun class.

You can download the activity here: How…? Quiz



Grammar Bonus: Question Formation Number Quiz

Here is an extra resource for practicing question formation, recommended for good pre-intermediate, intermediate and upper intermediate. You can also use this resource for practicing more complex numbers.

All the facts and figures come from a fun board game we were playing at the weekend that we figured would be great for the classroom.

question formation thumb

Download the worksheet here: Question Formation Numbers Quiz

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Graham Hill, “Less Stuff, More Happiness” (


The Video

In this short TED talk (05:49), Graham Hill tells us to strip back our lives if we want to be happy. He talks about the huge personal storage industry which continues to grow as we keep on accumulating more and more stuff.

Level and Language Focus

With subtitles and a transcript available, the video can be used differently for a variety of levels but we recommend using the video in classes of intermediate, upper intermediate or pre advanced level.

There are a lot of numbers used in the video and this is something you could expand on using the worksheet below. The video could be used alongside the teaching of quantifiers for which there is a conversation activity below.

A worksheet can be found here:
An extension conversation activity to teach quantifiers (pre-intermediate or intermediate) is available here:


You can view the video on YouTube, or via the TED website. YouTube offers subtitles and TED has subtitles plus a transcript too.

Home Study
Test your comprehension using this riddle quiz:

The Wright Stuff (Channel 5, UK) – Alternative Lifestyles

Head TWS

The Clip

This is a UK morning debate programme in which “celebrity” guests, audience members and viewers discuss stories from the day’s news. This specific item concerns a city banker who gave up his London flat to live in the woods for a year. Starting with a short interview, the piece goes on to include opinions from the celebrity panel and viewers via the phone.

Level and Language Focus

The clip is good for learners as they have to listen to the studio interview, which is fairly easy to understand but then have the challenge of the phone callers, which is great practice for those who use the phone a lot in English.

With the vocabulary help provided by the worksheet below, the video could be used in an Upper Intermediate class, Pre-Advanced and Advanced level classes should also find the video stimulating with “part 2” proving particularly challenging.


A worksheet featuring some of the difficult vocabulary is available here: Alternative Lifestyles (Right click, Save Target As…)

A follow up activity to practice tenses is also available here: Alternative Lifestyle Role Card (Right click, Save Target As…)


The clip can be viewed on YouTube, part 1 and part 2.