Starbucks Coffee (YouTube Channel), “Dan’s Everylove Story”

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The Video

This promotional film for Starbucks Coffee follows Dan in his mission to bring some joy (and coffee) to the patients at the cancer hospital where his father was treated. Every Thursday Dan visits the hospital to take orders then visits the local Starbucks and duly returns with the goods, all from his own pocket.

Level and Language Focus

As Dan explains how his mission started he uses would to describe his past habit (like used to) and this grammar is that is focused on in the worksheet below.

The video could be used with levels intermediate and upper intermediate.


thumb Download the worksheet here: Starbucks (Right Click, Save As…)


Would I Lie To You? (BBC, UK) Truth or Lie?


The Videos

The programme is a British comedy panel show in which celebrities tell largely unbelievable anecdotes with the objective being that the other team, after a bout of heavy questioning, guess the validity of the story.

The three celebrities in these clips are The Daily Show star Trevor Noah, broadcasting favourite Sir Terry Wogan and last-but-not-least Des O’Connor.

The three clips are light-hearted and suitable for adult classes, or could be used in most teenage classes.

Level and Language Focus

The activity Two Truths, One Lie is always  a good ice-breaker activity on the first day of term etc.. With the videos (spoiler alert!) being two truths and one lie, you could use them to introduce the activity in class or as a follow-on. Caution, however, is advised using these videos with a class you have never met before as the general level needs to be quite high, not great if you have no knowledge of their strengths or if they are a little rusty after a long summer holiday. The activity doesn’t only need to be presented as an ice-breaker; you could use the two truths, one lie activity at any point to review/introduce a grammar point providing the three statements utilize said grammar. One obvious grammar point connected to the three videos would be past tense(s) and/or used to and would for past habits.

Recommended levels for these videos are good intermediate, upper intermediate and pre advanced.

A worksheet can be found here:
Would I Lie To You ESL (Right Click, Save As…)



All the videos are available on YouTube: Trevor Noah, Terry Wogan and Des O’Connor