On Demand News (YouTube Channel), “Plastic-shirt-wearing Messi superfan gets a signed shirt”

messi top

The Video

This is a short news feature about a young boy from Afghanistan who fashioned an Argentinian national team football shirt from a blue and white striped plastic bag inspired by his hero Leo Messi. The boy, who is from a deprived area, went viral eventually leading to Messi together with Unicef sending the boy the real article, much to his delight.

This is a short video at just over one minute. It might be a nice introduction to a class with the theme of sport or possibly, charity. Having much experience of using textbooks which feature a unit on sport, much to the disgruntlement of half the class, this video is connected to sport yet still enjoyable for the less sporty amongst us.

Level and Language Focus

The narration of the video is fairly slow and with the use of the worksheet below providing vocabulary support, the video could be used for a good pre-intermediate, intermediate or upper intermediate class.

A worksheet can be found here:
Mini Messi Worksheet (Right Click, Save As…)


Watch the video on YouTube.