Good Morning Britain (ITV, UK), “Dress Code Sexism”


The Video

Since Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration, his Celebrity Apprentice chum Piers Morgan has been stirring up controversy on Good Morning Britain, a breakfast magazine show in the UK.

Almost in perfect timing with Trump’s Dress Like a Woman  debacle, here Piers talks to Nicola Thorp, a woman who lost her job in a dispute over having to wear heels at work.

Language Focus and Level

Being a heated debate, this video is challenging on account of speed and the fact that the speakers sometimes talk over each other. The vocabulary used, however, is not that advanced and you could try this video with upper intermediate students and above.

The video is full of conditionals; zero conditional and second conditional are particularly prevalent and are highlighted in the worksheet below.

Also detailed in the worksheet, we have a section on the functional language of debates; agreeing/disagreeing, making a point etc. and a section on the pronunciation of the following phonemes:



thumb  Download the worksheet here: Dress Code Sexism Worksheet


Watch the video over at YouTube.

You Bet (ITV, UK), “Tossing the Caber”


The Video

You Bet! is a British game show in which celebrities bet on the ability of members of the public to win challenges, which they usually plan and rehearse many times, within a limited amount of time.

This particular challenge features the Scottish tradition of tossing the caber. This video can add a little excitement to classes of all ages.

Level and Language Focus

The language of the clip is not too complicated so it is recommendable for either intermediate or upper intermediate levels.

You can use the video to teach first conditionals or the future tense for predicting as the students must predict how well the men will do in the challenge. The worksheet below features first conditional activities.

A worksheet can be found here:
You Bet Caber Toss (Right Click, Save As…)


You can view the video on YouTube.