Sportsworld (BBC, UK), “Breaking Barriers in India”


The Video

BBC Sportsworld travels to India to check out the first football tournament set up for women in India. We meet Bend it Like Beckham (Musical) and former Tottenham star Tanvie Hans, a local girl who gives us a unique insight into women’s sport in India.

Language Focus and Level

Unless your class has had a lot of practice with different accents, the Indian accents in this film could prove difficult for levels lower than Upper Intermediate. If you have students who are interested in global English and different accents, you could use the video with Intermediate students since the language is not in itself very complicated.

The worksheet below focuses on the often tricky grammar of will and going to to express the future. The video features much talk of the future of women’s sport in India providing great examples of how we use will and going to to make predictions with differing degrees of certainty.


thummb  Download the worksheet here: India


The video is available via the link below. Embedding restrictions mean you cannot watch directly on this page but it is freely available if you follow this link:

Inside Amy Schumer, “Calling The Cable Company”


The Clip

Amy’s internet connection is playing up so she takes a deep breath and picks up the phone to the cable company helpline. Full of funny moments, the situation she finds herself in during the call is one everybody can relate to.

Level and Language Focus

The service language used in the clip is not too difficult to understand and could be used for a strong pre-intermediate class upwards. An obvious extension would be an activity on telephone English, or the clip could provide a good introduction to the topic.


A worksheet is available here:

Inside Amy Schumer (Right Click, Save As…)


You can view the video on YouTube.