Communication Activity: Phrasal Verbs Which Make Sense!

This is a grammar extension activity if you have introduced the idea of phrasal verbs to your class and they need some speaking practice, or if you want to build up confidence in this area.

The worksheet introduces 21 phrasal verbs which all make some kind of sense considering their constituent parts, e.g. “sit down” makes more sense than the more abstract “give up”. All the verbs are in common usage and the worksheet can therefore be used for pre-intermediate or intermediate level if a quick brush-up is needed.

The introduction of the verbs, grouped by particle, then leads into a speaking activity which requires the student to think about the correct phrasal verb from a context and then use it in free speech.

thumb Download the worksheet here: Phrasal Verbs Which Make Sense

Paths Less Pedaled (YouTube Channel), “What is Bicycle Travel?”


The Video

This is a short promotional video to try and get more people into the joys of cycling.

Level and Language Focus

The language in the video alone is suitable for use in intermediate and upper intermediate classes. Using the worksheet below you could extend the video and supporting activities to good pre intermediate classes.

The main grammar focus of the video is the use of gerunds after prepositions.


thumb  Download the worksheet here: Cycling.


Watch the video on YouTube.