Communication Activity: Relative Clauses

This is a grammar extension activity if you have taught relative clauses and feel your class needs speaking practice in this area.

Firstly, as for the main activity your class may need to use the alphabet quite heavily to complete the activity, it may be of value to recap the pronunciation of individual letters using the following worksheet (depending on how confident your students are with the alphabet).

thumb alaphabet  Find the worksheet here: Dictating and The NATO Phonetic Alphabet

Next we have the main activity which explained fully in the teachers notes at the end of the document. Crosswords are a fun way of practicing relative clauses as long as you ensure students use them in their clues: “3 Down is a city where The Beatles were born”.

This exercise features two corresponding crosswords and is a communication activity in which students for their own clues for the items from UK and USA culture listed on the worksheet.

The activity is suitable for intermediate and above, and also requires that students have at least a basic knowledge of UK and USA culture.

thumb Find the communication activity here : UK and USA Culture

Communication Bonus: USA Number Quiz & UK Number Quiz

Here are two more variations on our current run of quizzes, this time we have number quizzes based around fun facts about the USA and the UK.

With some vocabulary help, these resources can be used with intermediate and above level students and would be perfect for USA-based or UK-based summer schools and teaching English to migrants and refugees in the USA or the UK.

Download the quizzes here: USA in Numbers and UK in Numbers


TRT World (YouTube Channel), “Leicester’s Football Fairytale”


The Video

It’s been called “the biggest upset in football’s history”, and few could not be moved by the fairytale story of Leicester City’s fantasy season. 5,000-1 rank outsiders back at the start of the season, this news story follows the unbelievable feat the club has achieved despite all odds.

Level and Language Focus

There are lots of different elements to this video each with differing levels of difficulty making the video perfect for general classes. The general level of the video is intermediate and it would also be suitable at upper intermediate.

The worksheet below focuses on the grammar connected to comparatives and superlatives used in the video and features a speaking exercise to practice those complicated rules associated with this grammar!


worksheet thumb.JPG You can find a worksheet connected to this video here (Right Click, Save As…) LCFC Success.


Watch the video on YouTube.


Try the online quiz.