watchwellcast (YouTube Channel), “How to Be More Confident”


The Video

“You can’t always get what you want…but you can try!” watchwellcast tells us. This short but informative video gives a few helpful tips on making ourselves heard and our needs recognised. A light-hearted animation and humorous content makes the subject easily accessible and stimulating to all, especially those who need an injection of  confidence in their speaking.

Level and Language Focus

The speed and level of vocabulary make this video good for intermediate and upper intermediate levels. There are some tricky words but these are covered in the worksheet below.

A possible grammar extension you can teach using the worksheet is to look at constructions which use the infinitive, for example I want you to…, I need you to…, I would like you to… to form assertive statements and then conduct role-plays.


thumb Get your free worksheet here (Right Click, Save As…): watchwell worksheet.


Watch the video on YouTube.