Here are some links to tried and tested English Learning sites;



The StoryCorps YouTube channel provides a wealth of short videos with beautifully animated stories for adults and children alike. They are a non-profit whose mission statement is to “provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs…the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of [their] lives”. Subtitles are available on all the videos if that works well with your class.




Upworthy provides a wealth of feel-good, inspiring stories. Most of the videos are short in length (2-5 mins) and subtitles are available. You can use this channel for videos on the most up-to-date news stories and hot topics in which the language used is usually clear enough for the English language classroom.




Lyrics Training is suitable for music loving teachers and students alike. An easy to use site where the user can listen to thousands of popular songs and challenge themselves to fill in the lyrics. Useful for all levels, all of the activities can be adapted to make them very easy to impossible!



This snappily titled blog uses clips from popular movies to teach grammar topics. It can be used by students but is mainly focused towards teachers.



The British Council has a great range of visual content with plenty of activities and teaching ideas.



A very hi-tech, easy to use site based on translating one-sentence clips from movies and TV into your selected L1. This site provides good translating practice however, with many of the examples being out of context, it’s hard to believe that this could provide the whole picture when it comes to listening practice.