New York Times, “Small Plates”


The Clip

A group of kids are taken to an exclusive New York restaurant to sample a tasting menu of seven dishes. The clip is quite charming, inoffensive and works well as a gentle opening to a class.

Level and Language Focus

The children use many examples of verbs of the senses (“This tastes like soap…”) to discuss the dishes. This grammar is usually introduced at B2 level although it should not be difficult for lower levels.

Children’s voices are generally a little more difficult to understand however, in this video, the language is pretty simple so you could show this video at Intermediate or Upper Intermediate.

A worksheet can be found here:
Small Plates Worksheet (Right Click, Save Target As…)
A follow-up game based on the grammar of verbs of the senses is here:
Verbs of Senses Game (Right Click, Save Target As…)


You can view the video on YouTube and New York Times.