About Us

Turn It On English aims to integrate the most interesting video clips from around the web with English language teaching. Our blog is perfect for teachers wishing to use video more in their classes without compromising on the content of their class.

All our videos have been specially selected for their language content and we design individual worksheets for use in the classroom.

Using Turn It On English

1) Never rely on these videos being suitable for every classroom. The videos on this site are popular videos from all over the web and we recommend you watch all videos before using them in your classes. Not only is this advisable from an educational point of view, a video may contain culturally sensitive themes or topics unsuitable for certain age groups.

2) The worksheets available on this website are designed to be supplemented. Often a worksheet will introduce a vocabulary or grammar extension to the video however, we expect the teacher to supplement these ideas with material from other sources. For example, if a worksheet contains computer vocabulary, we advise the teacher to extend this topic either by continuing the topic; maybe you are studying this topic in a course book or you have a communication activity connected to the material. Grammar activities will require the teaching of the relevant grammar again, either by a section in a course book or with relevant supplementary materials.

3) These worksheets do not include teacher’s notes. We recommend you watch the video beforehand and make your own notes on how to teach the video together with the worksheet. Our worksheets are designed to be pretty self-explanatory so planning shouldn’t take long. Depending on the level and dynamic of your class you may want to regularly stop the video to check comprehension, higher level classes may not need so many pauses.

4) Most of our videos are available through YouTube. One of the most useful features of YouTube is that you can alter the speed of the video without affecting the quality too much. This means that if you are in class and the students are really having problems you can alter the speed as a last resort.

5) Subtitles and transcripts are often available. If you feel you need either subtitles or a transcript these are often available. Transcripts are available for all TED talks and must be accessed through their site. Transcripts are not included here due to possible copyright infringement. For other videos, especially news stories, transcripts can often be found on the net by searching a small section of what you hear “in quotation marks” via Google etc. 

One of the main goals of this website is to provide real listening scenarios; we remind teachers that looking at transcripts is not always necessary and that listening exercises where less than 100% of the content is understood prepares students for real-life listening situations.



One thought on “About Us

  1. Wow!! This website has been so helpful for me this year! The material is fun, dynamic and very interesting. Thanks for all your great lessons! My students have really enjoyed them as well.


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