New York Times (YouTube Channel), “Why It’s Hard to Keep the Pounds Off”



The Video

New York Times joins two previous winners of the reality series The Biggest Loser in their struggle to keep the extraordinary weight loss they achieved on the show up. The story is not all positive with experts offering support in the form of scientific theories why it is especially difficult to keep the pounds off.

Language Focus and Level

This video provides an easy to understand voice-over with more challenging, interview-style dialogue making it good for classes in which levels may vary. The video could be used with strong intermediate and upper intermediate classes.

In talking about their experience since the show, the couple use the present perfect simple and continuous and you can find activities connected to this in the worksheet below.


thumb A worksheet with accompanying activities is available here: The Biggest Loser


Watch the video via YouTube.

Inside Edition (YouTube Channel), “Twin Teens Celebrate Their Differences”

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The Video

Inside Edition is a newsmagazine with a popular YouTube channel. This story is about a set of English twins who have the curiosity of being born “one black, one white”. The news story is short and simple, and the girls  are upbeat and positive about their unique experience.

Level and Language Focus

The level of the video is perfect for intermediate classes. The worksheet below features a full transcript with vocabulary help so you could also consider the video for a strong pre-intermediate class.

A section of the worksheet is dedicated to talking about differences with focus on the word whereas.


tumb    Download the worksheet here: Twins


You can watch the video via YouTube.