Expedia (YouTube Channel), “San Francisco Vacation Travel Guide”


The Video

Expedia is a leading online travel company offering informed videos for tourists featuring cities from all over the world. This video features the jewel of the US West Coast, San Francisco, with the narrator talking us through the scenic beauty, cultural attractions, diverse communities and world-class cuisine this popular Californian destination has to offer.

Level and Language Focus

As a video with a potentially large ESL audience, the narration is slow and very clear for English learners. Adapting activities to suit your class (the use of the script, subtitles etc.), you can use this video with classes of levels intermediate and upper intermediate.

The worksheet below concentrates on the grammar of quantifiers used throughout the video. Quantifiers are usually studied at most levels with increasing difficulty as the student progresses.


thumb Download the accompanying worksheet here:San Francisco WS (Right Click, Save As…)


Watch the video freely through YouTube.

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