Would You Rather…? (BBC America, USA) “Death Row Dinner”


The Video

Would You Rather…? is an American panel show featuring four guest comedians who answer a series of dilemmas ranging from the serious to the plain preposterous. In this clip, the guys weigh up whether they’d prefer to have dinner with all of their exes at once or with five guys eating their last meal on death row.

The show is designed for an adult audience, there is however nothing too offensive in this particular clip so could be used with an older teenage class (always watch the video and read the worksheet before taking it into class!).

Level and Language Focus

The guests on the show speak fairly slowly and there is not a lot of complicated vocabulary  making it suitable for intermediate or upper intermediate students. Being fairly short, this video makes a perfect starter activity or could be used as an introduction to a lesson on second conditionals.

The worksheet below deals with the construction “I’d rather…”, an important and widely-used construction often ignored by the textbooks despite it’s suitability as a perfect conversation starter.


thumb.JPG  Download the free worksheet here (Right Click, Save As..) Death Row Dinner


Watch the video on YouTube.

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